A Miner's Quest

Showing the progression and buildings of a new world in Minecraft. In addition, I may post some notes and thoughts on Minecraft, as well as some ideas for improving it.

Early Exploration and Building

Thanks to the magic of seeds, I can recreate what the day 1 spawn looks like, and show some points of interest I noted walking around gathering my first night supplies.


This is the view I was presented upon spawn.  There’s hills around, lots of water and trees, and plenty of sand. 

spawn area

I decided to explore the area behind me first, as it looked to have plenty of tree’s.

view south of spawn

There was an area on the hill that was already hollowed out a bit, perfect for a night one shelter.

hollow area

I noticed a couple of cave entrances around the area, and made sure to mark them for later.

small cave area

I noticed two areas full of sand, perfect for sand/sandstone quarry’s without disturbing the nearby beaches.

sand quarry #1

sand quarry #2


I explored the hilly area to the east of spawn.  Again, the thick forest areas were great to look at, and provide some inspiration for what could be built around there.  I did note on the second hill that has a view of the desert area, that it would be perfect for a small tower.

I did a brief excursion into the smaller, fish/whale-shaped desert, gathering a few cactus to put around my hollow for some security.

the whale (fish) desert


I explored the area to the west of the spawn, where I immediately noticed a mountain covered with snow and pine trees.  I made note again about the view from the top, as it would also be good for a tower.


I explored the area to the north of spawn.  I noted quickly the depth of the water, and the nice little island.  I found some exposed gravel areas, and a nice place to start a town eventually.

I found a cave in the area immediately north of the small island and did some initial exploration, grabbing some more cobblestone, coal and iron.  With its proximity to where I was wanting to put my first home, I had to make sure the entrance area was secured, so hostiles would be less likely to come peaking out while I was building.


I started work on what I was hoping to be some minor terraforming to make the small island big enough for my castle idea.  With some of the gravel I collected previously, I started to fill out the area around the island.  The problem was that by doing this, I was actually giving some land for mobs to spawn on.  Before heading back to my hollow for the night, a creeper decided he wanted to redecorate before I left, which left a days work destroyed and floating at the bottom of the lake.